We are proud to showcase talented Pacific artists

Mark Cross

Born in 1955, Cross is one of the most well known Pacific artists and has been painting since his mid-teens and now divides his time between studios in Niue and New Zealand and although the work is very specific in it’s detail, reference to these countries is restricted to the use of local elements for the creation of a timeless, lateral world where his figures act out and question the foibles of humanity but never try to proffer answers. We have several of Mark's paintings divided between the two units.

Mark's art is available at https://www.markcross.nu/, or locally at https://bergmangallery.co.ck/

Mahariki Tangaroa

Trained as a photographer, Tangaroa transitioned to painting in Rarotonga and found inspiration in the ancient and customary Cook Islands art and artifacts she researched at the National Museum such as the God of the Ocean, Tangaroa, the God of agriculture and war Rongo and the unnamed Aitutaki goddess. 

By re-constructing customary symbols interspersed with tapa or pareu patterns, she draws attention to persistence of Cook Islands culture and the evolving nature of identity.

Mahariki's art is seen and displayed worldwide, however locally you can view at Bergman's Gallery https://bergmangallery.co.ck/

Nanette Lela’ulu

‘Painting has always been my place of solitude and peace.
It was after my Grandmother Iliganoa Lela’ulu passed away in the late 1980’s that I truly began to explore the emotional places painting took me, looking deeper into the feelings behind the layers of paint.

Nanette's art can be viewed and purchased at https://bergmangallery.co.ck/artists/nanette-lelaulu/

Hori Miller

Artist Hori Miller has put a modern twist on cultural carving. “Some people think I use chisels to carve with - I actually use a grinder,” he says.

A signwriter by trade, Miller says a small piece can take up to four hours to complete. “I find that it’s the colour and movement of the sculptures that really attract the eye.” Miller says he is trying to push boundaries with his sculptures from his latest collection. “It’s unique.  No one is using resin, steel, wood and stone together like this for art. I enjoy trying new ways to create artwork.”

We have two of Hori's whale tails in the apartments, reflecting the whales that can be seen, often breaching or jumping, just beyond the reef between July and November.

Pop into Hori Signs to see more of his art https://b-m.facebook.com/Hori-Signs-131446726965590/

We also have a number of paintings and drawings from other Pacific artists in the apartments for you to enjoy.


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