Premium Rarotonga Beachfront Accommodation

Beautiful and modern, the Rarotonga Beach Apartments are right on the beach and overlook the lagoon. Each has a large deck for you to lounge on with a pillow and a book, or to entertain friends later in the afternoon. 

Wander down to the beach for a swim or a snorkel, there is plenty to see in the clear and temperate waters - no wetsuit required! You may choose to make use of the kayaks, or simply relax in a sun lounger and enjoy the tropical breeze while you scan just beyond the reef to see if you can spot a whale.

There are only two holiday houses at Rarotonga Beach Apartments, both are 138m2 and each with a fully equipped home kitchen. One is a two bedroom unit, the other contains a single bedroom with larger entertaining area and both apartments have two full bathrooms each. Whichever bedroom you sleep in, you'll wake up to the turquoise blue view over the lagoon.

Situated behind the world famous Rarotonga Brewery, you may even pop over for a tasting or to refill your bottle between 10am and 6pm when it's open, otherwise you'll hardly notice it's there.

The only problem you'll have at Rarotonga Beach Apartments? You might never want to go home!


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